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SR. MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN - 17/FG02509 (6 - 8 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

 Execute the maintenance task in a safe, efficient and effective manner according to the job package.

School & Graduation - Degree

6 - 8 yrs. 
Job PurposeExecute the maintenance task in a safe, efficient and effective manner according to the job package. Functional Duties (up to 15)1. Review the job package and check if work can be carried out safely. 2. Apply the skills of respective trade/craft/discipline in executing the maintenance work. 3. Obtain the work permit prior to the start of any activity. 4. Thoroughly investigate the source/cause of the problem according to the value-added work process. If significant problems are identified a new work order must be secured. 5. Complete the work and return equipment to the Operations department and assist in the analysis to ensure the problem is corrected. 6. Complete input for updating MAINS/Engineering files, etc. 7. Allocate trade skills to apprentice and other maintenance associates. 8. Follow job plan and standard work procedures to complete the work. 9. Follow the maintenance work process and document history of the work performed. 10. Assist in the development of maintenance work procedures and in maintenance Planning. 11. Feedback information on job package quality and root-cause analysis data as required. 12. Comply with EH&S guidelines and overall safety processes. 13. Perform any job-related activities as requested by the immediate supervisor / manager. Additional duties as per assigned service lines within maintenance engineering technologist divisions: Digital/Instrument Technician 14. Responsible for the maintenance of all field digital and instrument equipment for a facility or area. Mechanical Craft Technician 15. Responsible for the maintenance of mechanical equipment – either rotating or fixed – in the field or shop. 16. Roles include: v Machinist/Millwright v Pipefitter v Welder/Fabricator v Multi-craft v Boilermaker Electrical Technician 17. Responsible for the maintenance of electrical equipment for facility or area. 18. Areas of specialization may include: v General facility electrical v Electrical Distribution (line crew) v Rectifiers Rigging Technician 19. Responsible for the rigging of equipment for industrial lifts for a facility or area. 20. Has specific knowledge and training of rigging and rigging equipment operations. Shop Craft Technician 21. Responsible for performing maintenance activities on equipment in a maintenance shop. 22. Areas of Specialization could include: v Millwright v Mechanical machining operator v Valve Repair Technician v Welder/Pipefitter v Instrument/Electrical technician Lubrication Craft technician 23. Responsible for executing the lubrication program in a facility. Inspecting the status of equipment lubrication. Office support technician 24. Responsible for IT and administrative support in the Maintenance organization. This includes computers and system tools used by the maintenance personnel. Job Specifications Academic and Professional Qualifications (minimum) Level (GC)EducationCertifications, Licenses, and Designations 6· Essential: Two-year associate Technical Degree in relevant field.
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