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MARKETING MANAGER - 17/FG05601 (10 - 20 yrs. )


 Knowledge of FMCG marketing promotions, brand management and new product development with emphasis on handling packaged, multi branded perishable goods
FMCG / Foods / Beverage

School & Graduation - Graduate

10 - 20 yrs. 
Purpose of the Role: ü To draw-up roadmaps and implement annual Marketing plans resulting in achievement of targeted topline and bottom line growth, increase profitable market share and improve brand awareness through successful sync of Marketing, Sales and Distribution activities. To strategize, plan and implement all activities related to product, price, promotion, positioning, place, and pace delivering optimal results in all areas of MSD. To visit and strobe Local, GCC and ROW markets ensuring that the role purpose is continuously achieved. Business and Operations Focus: Marketing and Sales: 1. Develop clear brand identity for all major brands in consensus with all key stakeholders. 2. Develop clear brand objectives for each geography in conjunction with the respective country managers in view of their growth objectives and specific market conditions (consumer preferences, competition and Nabil strengths). 3. In view of the respective brand objectives, develop strategic marketing plans and calendar in sync with sales and distribution plans and forecasts to achieve annual targets (value, volume, profits, NPD, budgets, SCM, etc.) and corporate objectives. 4. Conduct periodic market visits to gauge and improve efficiencies and efficacy of marketing promotions on ground. To also use the visits to sensitize the company and distributor sales team towards the importance of promotional activities and other initiatives (including but not limited to new launches) and inculcate ownership of the same to ensure smooth and effective implementation. 5. Conduct periodic market visits to also understand the distribution routes (performance and gaps), shelf space, and competition distribution and provide support to enhance distribution as also to work out innovative ways to reach out to consumers. 6. Conduct or own up conduction of ATL, BTL and PR activities effectively and efficiently. Also, leverage on the digital platform to ensure active engagement with the target consumers. 7. Develop and get due approvals on Marketing spend budgets and ensure adherence within the approved budgets. Track variances, if any, and ensure early resolution of cost / expense creeps. 8. Closely coordinate with sales managers for understanding the impact and effectiveness of promotional activities in their respective regions and develop future plans. 9. Own up the process of new product development and launch. Understand areas of innovation in sync with current or potential market, changing consumer habits and preferences, competition, organizational competence and brand synergy. Closely coordinate with R&D and production team for development of product within desired costs, conduct customized market research for testing the product offering conceptually and later as a whole product with approximate packaging, product and pricing. Finally, upon successful testing, make a go-to-market plan along with promotion plans, code generation in key accounts. 10. Coordinate with relevant functions, like Production, Logistics and Finance to ensure that each new product launch is properly executed with total compliance and conformance. Coordinate with external vendors to achieve the same objective 11. Provide support to the respective sales managers for various promotions in key accounts, in line with the growth objectives. As and when appropriate, in specific customized promotions, accompany the sales manager to big key accounts to present and discuss the concept of the promotion. 12. Coordinate with the sales team to providerequired/adequate marketing support by way of merchandising and promotions in the region to increase brand visibility and promote sales in the region. Undertake market initiatives, market tactics and guerrilla marketing activities to increase profitable sales in the region. 13. Enforce, monitor and review primary and secondary visibility plans in presales outlets (modern trade a&p) as per annual agreements with the distributor. Implement secondary display investments and monitor the same on a regular basis. Closely track investments versus sales. 14. Provide structured inputs to the annual business planning process; and periodic inputs to tweak marketing, sales and operational plans to align with the needs of various market and geographical dynamics. 15. Aid in sales forecasts and own theentire promotion planning& execution and setting annual objectives for each activity. 16. Help maximize order generation across existing and new markets with existing and new product initiatives. Maximize order obtainment to maximize / ensure full capacity utilization of the factory and all back end resources / investments. 17. Own up the market research function using it to gain consumer insights, gauge self and competition strength in the market, understand the recall and affinity scores amongst trade and consumers, test concepts for new product/category launches. Be a part of various consumer studies including focus groups, questionnaire surveys, home user tests, central location tests, etc. 18. Review, analyze and cross feed the promotion and marketing plans in tandem with sales performance to determine effectiveness of the planned strategy. 19. Ensure smooth information flows and execute subsequent actions to stay ahead of competitor moves. 20. Recommend new product / category development (product funnel). Propose the positioning and pricing strategy. Suggest revamp, revisions or adjustments to existing products. 21. Manage new product launches, including related MSD plans and their effective execution. 22. Ensure a consistent and acceptable corporate image across all product lines, promotional material, and ATL and BTL activities. 23. Plan and oversee brand management, advertising and promotion activities across all categories with a view to increase demand creation. 24. Manage effective and appealing product package design and artwork from external agencies. 25. Develop more Sales generating assets (like dispensers and displays) and monitor productivity reviews 26. Manage related external vendors ensuring that the contracted services are delivered within time at the right price and quality. Export Sales (GCC &ROW): 27. To align export marketing calendar with the export strategy and help achieve plans of the company resulting in achievement of the annual export targets in terms of volume, value, profits, regions and customer satisfaction. 28. To review and prepare pricing plans, net margins, volume framework, and other such commercial details of all export trade promotions. 29. To work with the exports manager to ensure identification and penetration of new markets and business development in existing markets. To identify high growth, volume, and high margin markets and provide marketing inputs aimed at performance boosts. 30. To oversee plans to transform mature traded markets over to the distributor model. 31. Wherever applicable, to oversee that the company brand and product brands are properly managed and marketed and accountable to ensure that brand development activities are effectively executed as planned in any of the targeted export regions. Commercial and Legal Focus: 32. Accountable for result driven negotiations and proper contracting of deals. 33. Work with the FC, quality, NPD and all other departments to compute the gross final product costs and hence the POS sales price for each new, existing or modified product. Draw up a pricing strategy for each product or offering based on internal factors and costs and the applicable market, customer and competitor conditions. 34. Ensure that all of the company’s brands (3) are duly registered and renewed on schedule in the relevant markets along-with the respective sales managers and the financial controller. 35. Ensure compliance to all legal requirements and conformance of all policies and processes. Systems Focus: 36. Plan and implement system and process improvements in marketing operations. Evaluate industry best / standard practices and technology tools / automation to improve operational efficiencies. People Focus: 37. Ensure that the JD’s and KRA’s are always updated and current. Ensure sufficient communication, reviews, feedback and dialogues so that targets and expectations are clearly understood; and perform accordingly. 38. Manage team aspirations, skills and competence development, and career planning. 39. Provide continual communication, feedback and undertake performance development measures / initiatives. Conduct timely performance evaluations and implement corrective actions to ensure performance improvement. 40. Provide team leadership, motivation and engagement of all resources. Control attrition, and retain key / high performers. 41. Train distributor and company sale staff in marketing orientation i.e.check and maintain branding in outlets, trade promotions, timely reporting of competition activities, etc. Reports, MIS and Communications Focus: 42. Prepare and standardize crisp MIS’s and reports which indicate key highlights of the marketing operations, with drill down information, data, and statistics. 43. Prepare periodic marketing activity MIS’s and reports and review the same with the management team. Initiate and implement actions resulting from such reviews and maintain structured reports / logs for the same. 44. Prepare pricing surveys, marketing promotion reports, consumption trend updates, for presentation in the monthly sales and marketing review meetings. 45. Communicate, synergize and coordinate with all other functions to ensure that sales and marketing plans, new product launches are successfully conducted. Resolve bottlenecks and ensure optimal efficiency of operations. 46. Work with the quality function to evaluate competitor product’s and product offerings and draw up an (bi/) annual SWOT analysis of the company products and various categories Role Requirements: 1. Post graduate in Management, preferably with a specialization in Sales & Marketing. 2. Atleast 10 years of relevant experience, preferably in the FMCG food industry. 3. Thorough knowledge of FMCG marketing promotions, brand management and new product development with emphasis on handling packaged, multi branded perishable goods. 4. Excellent problem solving and crisis management skills related to field marketing operations 5. Good with numbers, statistics and analytics with a strong ability to interpret and capitalize on market data. 6. Excellent communication and presentation skills. 7. Thorough with MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). 8. Relevant user level experience of ERP. 9. Primary job location: Muscat, Oman. 10. Travelling: Regular market visits across GCC are required.
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